Day 9

Day 9
I awoke early and hung out in my hammock. I decided to take the morning off and relax. Fog hung around the baseball field I camped behind. The steeple to the church protruded from the fog and into the hazy sky. 
I ate a few pints of strawberries for breakfast and broke camp. I met up with the 90. My feet were tender, as they always are early in the morning. I found the rhythm and steadily increased my strides.



I met Charlie. He was driving a tractor trailer along the side of the road. He asked me where I was headed and gave me some money. He seemed really interested in the pilgrimage. Further up the road Charlie doubled back and offered me some cotton gloves to keep warm.
I took my time getting to Live Oak. I stopped and ate lunch outside a correctional facility along the 90. Out here on the road, I’ve met many state prison workers. They do such a good job at keeping the roads neat and clean.

It was only 10 miles or so to Lake City from Wellborn. I’ve been tapering off on my miles this week. I’m happy to know that I can push my body to 25+ miles when needed. I fully anticipate 150+ mile weeks in the future. Who knows, maybe even a 50 miler day thrown in there every now and then. I know all this will come. It is a long way to LA from Live Oak, Florida. 

Paul and Mike greeted me at St. Francis Xavier parish in Live Oak. They offered me a free meal at the fish fry later that evening. We talked about travelers and transcontinental journeys. Paul told me no one would mind if I set up camp under the pole barn. I wanted to check with the parish staff first. We talked about travelers who ride the rails and all the people who have passed through St Francis Xavier’s on one journey or another.

I spent time in adoration with God in the chapel. 

The fish fry was a success. I met a lot of nice people: Ernie, Wendy, Mike, and Jason to name a few. I ate fried fish, baked beans, cole slaw, hush puppies (a southern thing) and some sweet tea. I even had a brownie and a cup cake too!
After hanging out, we all went to the church to pray the Stations of the Cross. It was really special. I spoke with Father Andy after prayer, and he put me up in a room in the parish hall for the night. Wow!
Paul made me another huge plate of leftovers from the fish fry. I put it in the fridge for lunch the next day. I caught up with my sisters through Facebook messenger which was really nice. Around 9 p.m. I dozed off in my sleeping bag. 

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  1. lizestler says:

    Thanks for all the interesting “play by play”. God bless you and keep you, Dylan!


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