Day 13

Day 13


I awoke on a patio at the First Baptist Church in Lee. I decided to sleep in and put in a half day.

I ate two plantains for breakfast and took a hose-shower behind the house on the property I slept at. It was refreshing and rejuvenating. I put on clean clothes and broke camp.

I exercised for another hour or so, getting the blood flowing and stretching all muscles. At 10:00 a.m. I decided to take a 15 minute sun bath on the green.


Around 10:30 a.m. I was back on the road. I planned on an easy day, it was only 8 miles to Madison, and I planned on walking.


I took it slow and took lots of pictures. I met Gale briefly by Old US 90. She was handicapped and in a wheelchair.


I passed the Madison County Airport. At high noon I decided to take my lunch break. I always try to be out of the sun during the heat of the day.

I put in a call to St. Vincent de Paul parish in Madison, hoping for a safe place to camp. After some phone tag throughout the day, I left a message with a secretary at the Pensacola-Tallahassee diocese.



I took my time getting to Madison, and put in long day with a slow pace and lots of breaks. It wasn’t due to fatigue or soreness, I just felt like slowing things down, way down.


I arrived in Madison around 3 pm. I stopped at a CVS to purchase a coconut water and sunscreen. Inside, I was blown away by the variety and selection of products. Since leaving Live Oak, there really hasn’t been any sort of establishment of prominence along the 90. A Cvs on the outskirts of town seemed like an oasis to me.

I hung out at Burger King and met Earle and his two grandsons. He gave me some money and told me to get a snack and a drink. I charged my phone and caught up with family. I also used their wifi to upload lots of photos.

I received a phone call from Monsignor Reid with the Pensacola-Tallahassee diocese, and long story short, was given permission to camp on the property!


I gathered my things and explored Madison, FL, a very pretty town.


Shortly before sundown I arrived at St. Vincent de Paul parish, and after talking with some neighbors and a groundskeeper, set up my hammock along the parish hall. I fell asleep while listening to the quiet sounds of the neighborhood.



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5 Responses to Day 13

  1. St. Joseph's High School Youth Group says:

    Hi Dylan!
    Saint Joe’s HSYG here! We have about 20 members participating in a 24 hour fast tonight (3/11-3/12), and we just wanted to let you know how inspired we are by your astonishing efforts during your Mercy Run. We are sending many prayers your way, and are excited to follow you through the rest of your journey.

    Your friends at HSYG 🙂


    • dmc3020 says:

      Hi guys,

      Thank you so much for the prayers! It means a lot. Keeping you all in prayer as well. A 24 hour fast is impressive, hope you all find strength in the hours ahead. Glad you all can be a part of the journey. Mercy reigns! Will be posting more updates later today. Stay posted.




  2. lizestler says:

    Thanks, Dylan. By the way, you have some great pictures. I’m an editor for . Would you mind if we used some? We would give you proper credit, of course.


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