Day 15

Day 15


I arose with the sun and hung out in my hammock for a half hour or so catching up with friends. I broke camp. I left St. Margaret’s and headed into town.



I decided to explore Monticello for the day. Lots of small businesses, antique shops, and small eateries. I asked Bill, the owner of a cake shop, if Monticello was a touristy town. It sure seemed like it. He informed me it wasn’t, mostly just local folk and small businesses. 




I strolled through the historic district and explored the bed and breakfasts from the far side of picket fences. Lots of flowers.

I headed to the library and caught up on journaling. Around 2pm I decided to leave town and put in a few miles. 

I walked 9 miles or so outside town and visited Letchworth-Love Mound Archeological State Park. Since 1935, archeologists had been looking for Florida’s largest Native American mound. In 1975 they finally found it. It is considered by some to be a sacred place. Upon excavating, archeologists found artifacts and tried to piece together the prehistoric puzzle.
Shortly after sundown, I set up my hammock at the foot of the mound. I fell asleep contemplating the Native American way of life.

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