Day 22

Day 22
I awoke behind St Annes and tidied up before Mass. 

Little did I know, St Anne’s is a designated place of prayer for the Year of Mercy! I passed through the Holy Door and chatted with Fr. James, an Indian religious priest. We talked about pilgrimages and cultural differences between India and America. He asked if I needed anything from the food pantry and told him I could use a couple cans of beans. 
I met Dina who really helped me out. She is a secretary at the parish. I grabbed some canned goods and St. Anne’s gave me a gift card to the grocery store in town.
I decided to stock up on fruits and veggies, and then head a couple miles north to the Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna. Storms were forecasted all weekend through early Sunday. It was the excuse I needed to give my body some rest. 

I spoke with Melody at the State Park via phone. She secured a safe place for me to camp even though all the campgrounds in the park were booked. 

Curtis saw me walking and helped me out with a ride up the road. He served in the marines and currently lives along the border of the park in Marianna. He was a very nice man, and grabbed his cowboy hat before posing for the picture.

I set up camp near the stables at the horse camp in a secluded part of the grounds. It was quiet and peaceful, a good place to rest for the next few days. I hoped to stay dry.

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