Day 28

Day 28  
I enjoyed a late start to my day. Checkout at the Bonifay Inn was at 11a.m. I decided to use all the time I could for rest. I heated up the leftovers from dinner for breakfast, repackaged the buggy, and headed north to the 90.
I stopped at a McDonald’s to use wifi and upload entries and photos. By the time I got on the road, it was 12:30p.m. I started chipping away at the miles.



I met Randy who was coming from Defuniak Springs. He started in Pensacola and is headed back to Virginia where he lives. Randy just finished grad school and decided to embark on an adventure to celebrate. 
It’s always nice meeting fellow travelers. Randy told me about a company called the Adventure Cycling Association that sells travel maps for cross country-ers. We exchanged tips, advice, and stories from the road. I offered him some food from the snack bag Chris gave me and he accepted. There was something about Randy I couldn’t put a finger on. He asked me where I was from and turns out, Randy is from Dedham, MA! He told me I had the “Walpole accent.” That gave me the laugh I needed for the miles ahead. We parted ways.



A few miles up the road I met Chance. His cousin was up the road walking. I could see him in the distance (his pace was fast, I couldnt catch him!). To where he was going I do not know. I asked Chance if he was from the area and he said they were “just chilling”. I offered him some food from the snack bag and he accepted. It’s always motivating seeing a friendly face on the road.


I passed into Washington County and through Caryville. I met Wendy on the roadside. She was going barefoot like me! We chatted for a while and off I went. 

I put in the miles and reached Ponce de Leon a few moments before sunset. It was a very small town, and I wasn’t sure where I would sleep. My rest at the inn and late start had changed my course for the day.

I hung my hammock at a tennis court behind town hall. I put in a call to dispatch to receive permission to camp. A few hours later I was awoken by a phone call from Deputy Evans detailing campgrounds within the area. I informed him I would move if necessary, but that I was travelling on foot and already set up behind town hall. He informed me he didn’t have a problem with it, but if someone called I would have to leave. I agreed. 
I fell asleep beneath the full moon.

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  1. lizestler says:

    In case you see this today, there is a beautiful video meditation on Holy Saturday on our site:

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  2. lizestler says:

    Blessed Triduum to you, Dylan!


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