Day 38

Day 38
I awoke to the sun rise. The storms had cleared! I made my way towards the beach to snap a picture. It was extremely windy.

I headed into town. By the beach was a walking event to raise money for kidney disease. I took an outdoor shower at the public restrooms.

I swung by the sheriffs department and it turns out the site of the first Mass is only a mile down Fort Pickens road!


 I sat beneath the cross watching the surfers in the gulf. It was peaceful.

I walked the beach back to town. It was a really pretty day!

It was only another 10 miles to Pensacola, and it was still early morning. I took my time.
I crossed into gulf breeze and watched people fishing on the pier. I stopped by a Publix and charged my phone a bit.

Come afternoon I went to Chick-Fil-A to upload journal entries. I had a chocolate shake that was really good! I haven’t been able to carry any groceries without the buggy, so I’ve had to eat in at places mostly. The staff was very nice and welcoming. I actually lost track of time hanging out there!

I crossed the long 3 mile bridge into Pensacola and high tailed it to St. Paul’s on the east side of town. 



It was tough, but I made it just in time for the vigil Mass. I washed up and snapped a quick photo before Mass. It was a beautiful church!

After Mass I spoke with Deacon Bill and received permission to camp on the property. He also gave me some money. A few other parishioners did too. Wow!
I set up my hammock beneath a gazebo by the building. I fell asleep listening to dogs barking and airplanes taking off from the Pensacola International Airport.

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2 Responses to Day 38

  1. i am glad you found the site of the first Mass. Prayers for a safe pilgrimage. Julia from Our lady of Victory, Crestview, FL

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  2. Glad you made it to Pensacola and found the site of the first Mass.Following your journey and praying for you.


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