Day 42

Day 42


I awoke well before the sun and hung out. Once it was light enough, I jumped on the 90 and headed towards town. I watched the sunrise and took pictures of the farmlands.

After a few miles, I reached Robertsdale city limits. 

I found my way to St. Patricks church. It was beautiful! The priest was on vacation so we celebrated a communion service.
I headed to a laundry mat to wash my clothes. I hung out and used wifi to upload journal entries and pictures.

Around noon I left the laundry mat and headed towards Garrett park. I decided to take a few more hours off to rest. An afternoon siesta!
It was great. Usually most rest days involves me walking around or being active to an extent, so it was nice laying on the green and napping. I listened to music and caught up with friends.
Around 4 p.m. I contemplated spending another night in Robertsdale. I called the police department and city hall, and couldnt seem to find the right person who could give me permission to camp at Garrett Park. I loaded up the buggy and headed west.

I met Ann Hatfield, who was looking for her Urgent Care facility. She pulled over on the road to ask me directions. I used my gps and was able to help her! Turns out, her husband met Ernie when he was passing through Seminole, AL. Pretty cool! Ann was camera shy!

I put in a few miles to reach Loxley, AL. It was a nice stretch with a wide and smooth shoulder compared to what I’ve dealt with since the state line. I was happy to have the luxury. 


Luciera (left) and Brenda (right)

I had been eyeing billboards to a mexican restaurant in town and decided on dinner. I stopped at El Paisita.

Luciera and her brother payed for my meal! When I sat down and ordered she doubled back and told me to get whatever I wanted, because someone was paying for the meal. Turns out it was her and her brother who works in the kitchen! I enjoyed a huge plate of beef enchiladas. I felt so thankful, it was really overwhelming!

After my meal of “sustenance” I put in a call to the First Baptist Church in town. I spoke with Missy and it turns out they were in the middle of a service. I swung in to check it out. I heard music and entered within.


First Baptist Church in Loxley

Chris was leading the congregation in prayer! He is a very talented musician. We closed singing Amazing Grace.


Terry and Bridget (left), Chris, and Ben (right)

After service I met some friends: Terry, Bridget, Ken, Ben, Ashley, and a few others. The Pastor recently resigned, so Terry, Chris, and Ben have taken over as the A team!
We talked about the journey and Terry gave me some tips about the road ahead. Turns out he saw me walking in Robertsdale earlier that day! He also gave me some money. Another anonymous person at the church gave me some funds too. It was really nice of them!
Chris is the music minister and a seminary student. He showed me to a spot where I could hang my hammock. We headed over to the rec hall so I could use the bathroom. The guys were playing basketball, I thought about playing but needed rest. I decided to retire for the evening. Chris and I parted ways.

I was really happy to be in Loxley, AL!

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