Day 50

Day 50
I awoke hoping for clear skies. I awoke to thunder and lightening. I awoke to heavy rain and minor flooding.


The morning coffee crowd!

After communion we all heading over to the hall for another round of coffee and cake. The morning coffee crowd. It was a fun time! Jason’s mother gave me a raincoat. It fit pretty good! I havent had a jacket since Navarre Beach, it will keep me warm at night!
We talked about the weather and the conversation turned towards something that I found interesting: Hurricane Katrina.
Everyone was affected by it and the stories began to weave. The large building we sat in was built right after Katrina. It can withhold winds up to 165mph.
Jason and his Mom offered to give me a ride around town. It turned out to be a fun day. We did all kinds of things.
Down by the beach, I studied the live oaks from the shotgun. Alot of them were warped from Katrina. 
We headed into town and passed by Our Lady of Victory parish. We swung by their house and hung out for a while. Harold was there and we talked about Hebrew for a little while.
Jason and his mom had a neat idea. They offered to drive me to Biloxi so I could get an idea of the road ahead. I accepted. As we left Pascagoula, the storms cleared and the sun shone through! 
We picked up bird seed, got lunch at “Tony’s place” NY Pizza in Ocean Springs, and ran an errand in Biloxi. We drove right along the coast on Highway 90 and it was beautiful. Lots of pictures to be taken in the days ahead. 



We also gave a man named Jesse a jump for his motorcycle. It took seconds.


Jason and his mom

Jason and his mom bought me a plate of hot food to have for dinner, and also gave me a big bag of popcorn! They were so nice to me, and I enjoyed the day on the town! We parted ways. 

Back in the conference room, Mary Helen swung by to check on me. She also made a donation to the run! Weather was fit for travel, but it was late in the afternoon. I decided to stay one more night at Sacred Heart.
I was glad I did. I met Gil. I first met him briefly when I arrived jn Pascagoula. He and the community unidad were praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet in Spanish in the parish hall. He and his wife, Olga have been missionaries in all different kinds of places. They have a daughter who is a nun in Alabama, and two sons.
Gil asked about the pilgrimage and we chatted in Spanglish. We talked about misericordia. 
Turns out there was an English class that night in the hall.


From left to right: George, Gill and Olga, Loly, Barbara, Soto, and another friend!

I made a lot of friends that evening, or should I say amigos?! Loly, Soto, Gill and Olga, Barbara, George, a woman who’s name I can’t recall. It was fun practicing my Spanish. We taught and helped each other. It went both ways!


Me (left) and Soto (right)

After class, Soto ran home to grab a portable charger he wanted to give me. He also gave me a big plate of food, soda and water, and sunglasses!
Gil and Olga were also very kind to me. I forgot to snap a photo of them. They ran to the store and picked me up toiletries. They also gave me some money, literature, a St. Benedict medal, and bottles of holy water!

I had a dessert that Loly made, tres dulces. It was soo good! I had met her my first day in town after Mass, and she gave me some money!
I had a great time, and fell asleep in the conference room feeling thankful. 

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