Day 59

Day 59

I woke up early, showered, and repacked the buggy. I was able to get laundry done, something that is always a luxury! Sarah made me breakfast and it was really good! Yogurt, sunflower seeds, blackberries, and ginger. We loaded the buggy into the pickup and headed east on highway 90 towards Walmart. I thanked Sarah for being so merciful to me, she was a great host! We parted ways.
I went into Walmart to pick up a few things, but ended up coming out empty handed. I rejoined highway 90 and made my way through New Orleans. 

I strolled on sidewalk, it was a little bumpy but the jeep handled it well. I called friends and family as I walked. 


I met Jackie. She was sitting by traffic and I offered her a water. She accepted. She asked if I was homeless, and I told her about the journey. Jackie gave me some great tips on places to stay in town, where to get a shower, and a hot meal. She was so nice to me! Jackie had been sitting in the sun so I offered her a hat I had. She accepted! I gave her a few dollars and some other things. She told me she would always remember me, it was really special. We parted ways.

I left 90 and walked along the levee to the bridge that crosses the Mississippi River. It was great! 

The shoulder was wide and the view was awesome! 

Suddenly I was surrounded by sheriffs! I guess I didn’t notice the sign that said “no pedestrians”. Once they realized I didn’t have a baby in the buggy they calmed down quite a bit. They explained cyclists are allowed on the bridge, but not pedestrians. I found it strange.
I apologized and told them I was sorry. I was very close to the end of the bridge, and asked them if I could continue and be on my way. They decided to give me a ride instead. 
I was a little upset, but I understood. It took a long while to load the buggy in their vehicle. Deputy Sheriff Babin was very nice to me. He dropped me off at the end of the bridge and wished me luck.

On the west side of the Mississippi, I dipped my feet in the river as my friend Ora suggested I do. I figured if I make it to  age 92 I’ll come back and swim it someday :). Who knows? Maybe even sooner…
I arrived at St. Bonaventure in Westwego, LA. I couldn’t get in touch with anyone. I knocked on a few doors with no success. It was getting dark, and a little bit of a rough area. 
Everyone has been so great taking care of me on the road, I figured I would take care of myself. Safety is important, and I know alot of people care about me. I headed to the local motels hoping to book a room, something I have not done yet since being on the road.
They were all booked! Jazz Fest has taken over New Orleans. Seems crazy, but I asked for permission to sleep near a hotel’s walled off dumpsters till morning. They actually let me! I was pretty surprised. 

I got dinner at a Waffle House and retired to the dumpsters, haha. It was actually very clean. I made a fort out of pallets and slept in my sleeping bag. It was a rough night with lots of noise. I didn’t get too much sleep, but I was safe.

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