Day 62

Day 62
I awoke in the parish hall at St. Gertrude church in Des Allemands, Louisiana.
I used the restroom and got ready for Mass. The parishioners were praying the rosary before Mass and I was able to join them.

After Mass, I met a few parishioners and Fr. Ray sent me off. He also gave me a few bottles of water! I left town around 9am anticipating a long and productive day.

I crossed over the bayou and into Lafourche Parish. It was a long day and I took lots of pictures. Both LA 1 and LA 308 follow beautiful farmlands into Thibodaux. I kept chipping at the miles, battling fatigue.

I stopped during the heat of the day at Mt. Zion Baptist church along 308 and soaked myself with water from a hose on the property. It was so refreshing. Shortly after 3pm and jumped back on the road. 

I crossed over to LA 1 and made my way north. Tired, and fatigued, I arrived in Thibodaux and made my way towards the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph in town. It was beautiful, and as the sun set I snapped some photographs. 

I had called ahead a few days prior and received permission to sleep on a bench behind the cathedral overnight. There must have been some sort of miscommunication because I was told I could not have permission to stay on the property upon arrival. 😦 A visiting priest opened up the restrooms for me to use. I washed up and changed into clean clothes. 

I headed back towards a park in town and spoke with a police officer. I asked him if there was a park I could rest at until sunrise. He told me there wasnt, but there was a truck stop a few miles down the road.

I made it a few blocks and decided to stealth camp. I was tired, it had been a long day. I think I was in a calorie deficit. I found an alleyway with a wooden ramp across from St. Joseph Stadium. It was late, I laid down my sleeping bag hoping for a few hours of rest.

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