Day 63

Day 63

It had been a long night of off and on rest. Mosquitos would wake me up right as I was about to fall asleep. Sleep deprivation.


I broke camp well before sunrise and made my way back towards the cathedral. I met Doug.
He was running around the neighborhood and stopped to chat. Doug started running a few years ago after he read the book Born to Run. He hopes to compete in an Ironman someday. He had seen me back in Raceland the day prior, and then again on 308 headed towards Thibodaux. He was curious as to what I was doing. 

We chatted about the journey so far and exchanged information. I headed towards the Holy Door of Mercy.

After Mass I was ready to meet up with LA 1 to make my way north towards Baton Rouge. I saw Doug again!
He pulled over in his SUV and offered me breakfast! I was really tired and was having a rough morning. It was the reassurance I needed. 
We loaded up the buggy and headed over to the breakfast joint in town. It was a good time. Doug offered to put me up in a hotel room!

I thought about it, and decided to take him up on it. I needed rest. Doug brought me to the Mt. Carmel Inn in town, donated to the run, and offered dinner later that night!

I fell asleep and enjoyed a lazy day hibernating in the hotel room. 

Around 6, Doug picked me up and we headed to EDW high school to watch his kids perform in the school band. I met his wife Carolyn, his mother and law, and two of his sons. Nick and Mary Grace, his children, did a great job in the band! I really like the Wizard of Oz, their final piece. 
Doug took me out to dinner, and we ate at a really nice place in town. I had Pasta Lafourche, it was really good! We talked about all kinds of things throughout the day: running, our faith, mercy, family, and the town of Thibodaux. We parted ways.
I fell asleep in the hotel room feeling extremely thankful for Doug, Carolyn, and their family’s works of mercy.

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