Day 64

Day 64
I awoke in the hotel room and slept in! I missed the 6:30AM Mass. :(. I decided to make the best of what had been given to me, and rested in the hotel room until check out time.

I hit the road, and joined LA 1 out of Thibodaux. I was able to give out a few bottles of water along the way. It was hot and humid!

 I swung by St. John’s church outside of town and went to confession. The priest there was in the process of moving away. He is retiring! He sent me off with a few cold bottles of water. 

Scattered storms weaved across LA 1 throughout the day. I stopped at a truck stop for lunch and it started pouring! I thought about trying to find somewhere to stay in Labadieville. I put a call in to the church in town with no success. I decked the poncho and tarped the buggy, and headed north.

It rained on and off, and I enjoyed it. I took what photographs I could.

Shortly before 7, I arrived in Napoleonville, LA. The sun came through! 

I made my way to St. Annes, a church I found on the map. 
5 minutes of seven, people were trickling into the church. I put on my cleanest shirt and entered within.

The place was packed! Fr. Robert was leading the church in song. I wondered what I had stumbled upon. 
Turns out, it was a healing Mass, and it was about to start! I joined everyone in prayer.
After Mass and the service, I spoke with the pastor, Fr. Paul, seeking permission to stay on the property through the night. He gave me permission!
I met John. He is part of the healing ministry. He invited me over to the parish hall for a meal. The healing ministry was all there enjoying a late night dinner! I met many friends: Carolyn and Steve, Jessica, Russell, Jo, Darla, and many others!

Darla (left), Jo and John

Everyone was so nice and welcoming. The bread pudding was great! John and Jo invited me to stay at their house! It was so overwhelming in a good way. We left the buggy at St. Annes and headed back to their house.
I fell asleep shortly after midnight on a cot in their prayer room. I fell asleep at peace.

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  1. Russell Rivere, Jr. says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you! What you are doing is both amazing and awesome. I pray that God continues to bless you along your journey. Please keep in touch. You speak of meeting us as though it was a blessing for you, when indeed we were the ones that were blessed with your presence. You are in my prayers as you continue along your journey and I will continue to follow your journey. It’s no coincidence that we and all the people along your travels have met. Thank again. May God watch over you and keep you safe. Safe travels my friend!


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