Day 66

Day 66

I woke up in the courtyard at the Ascension and broke camp. I prayed in the adoration chapel and hit the road.
I ate leftover subway for breakfast and swung by the library in town to upload journal entries and pictures. I was back on the road by late morning.

I walked along the Mississippi on the levee through Donaldsonville until I met up with LA 1. I started putting in the miles.

As afternoon came, so did severe weather! I enjoyed the lightening and thunder off in the distance. 

Once the storm was overhead I saught shelter at a farmstand along LA 1, about a mile and a half from Whitecastle. 

I ate the MRE John, Jo, and Darla gave me! It was fun cooking one of those things. I ate and watched the storm.

By late afternoon the storm let up, I jumped back on the 1 and diverted over to River Road back along the bayou. I made it to Bayou Goula. More severe weather was rolling in. I sought shelter at the smallest chapel in the world, the Madonna Chapel!

I couldnt get in touch with the care taker, but I read an article online saying “anyone is welcome to visit and pray,” and that there is a key in a box by the door.

The Tabrnacle was empty. I talked with a neighbor briefly and then laid down for rest. I could barely fit inside!

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