Day 67

Day 67
I awoke early. Thunder was shaking the chapel. I talked with a neighbor who urged me to get to Plaquemine. Severe weather was setting in once again. It was a gamble. I loaded up the buggy.

I made it about a half mile when it started raining. The lightening bolts were so close! Radar showed them hitting all around Plaquemine. I found an outdoor garage at a public park and sought shelter. The sky blackened, it looked like night time!
It was a lazy day, and the storm raged on and off. I took a few naps. A couple of times it let up, but I stood my ground. The storm rebounded just as fierce.

Finally, around 3 pm it seemed to scatter away from Bayou Goula. I decked the poncho and tied the tarp around the buggy. I anticipated getting wet, and I did!

It was a good stretch, and it took me a few hours to get to town. I saw all kinds of things, lightening, horses, awesome skies, and birdies on wires. 

An hour before sunset I made it to downtown Plaquemine. The skies cleared!

I stopped at Subway and used the giftcard Fr. Paul had given me to buy dinner. I then made my way to St. John the Evangelist parish. There was an adoration chapel! I knocked on the door looking to speak with the pastor. I think I scared the old ladies. They wouldn’t let me in and they told me to go to the police station.

The sun set and it was now late (for me). I was tired. I didnt really want to go to the police but I was glad I did! 

Todd the dispatcher really helped me out, he gave me instructions to an outdoor pavillion with a security camera. He told me he would keep an eye on me all night!  

I crossed the bayou into the park and set up my hammock. I called dispatch and waved to Todd on the other end of the camera to make sure I was in the right spot. It was funny.

 It wasn’t a great nights sleep for many reasons, but it was somewhere to be with permission and for that I was thankful. 

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1 Response to Day 67

  1. Hudon Family says:

    Dear Dylan,

    I am visiting with Loretta and Fran and they send you their love and they pray for you everyday on your journey. t
    Take care and God bless you. They follow you everyday you post.

    Natalie Hudon of the Hudon Family
    Loretta amd Fran

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