Day 74

Day 74

I awoke around 7 a.m. and rested until 8 a.m. I washed up in the bathroom and got ready for Sunday morning Mass. I headed over to the church early and spent some time in prayer. I spoke with Fr. Jason telling him my intentions for the day, and asked to stay on the property for one more night. He allowed me to do so!

After Mass, I loaded up the hydration backpack with water, and made my way towards the bridge east towards Lottie.

A woman pulled over named Wendy. She told me she has been following the journey since I met up with Ernie, who ran through Krotz Springs months ago. We chatted and she asked me what I was doing. I told her I had to abandon the buggy on the spillway, and I intended to retrieve it. She wished me luck.

Contemplating the odds of running into someone who follows the journey and recognized me, I made my way over the large bridge towards the spillway.

According to Google maps, there is a service road that runs parallel to it.

Long story short, I may or may not have gone somewhere I was not supposed to be, but somehow I made it under the spillway bridge after a few hours of hiking.

It was a gruesome process, but I trudged through swamp and marsh until I saw a buggy wheel sticking out of the grass.

The crash site was littered with what I had abandoned, but I was able to gather it all together. Amazingly, the jeep seemed to be in sound condition! I forged through the wetlands back to a service road. Not one snake!!!

I analyzed the damage. It must have landed upside down. The frame, tires, and axle were all in great condition. The handle bars were warped to the right, something I’ll get used to. If this thing survived a drop like it did, I hope it can make it to California!

I felt so thankful. I was able to right a wrong. I might have headed back through that area I was not supposed to be. Do two wrongs make a right?

It took me a few hours to hike back through. I saw alot of beautiful things, but refrained from taking photographs. Emerging, I felt a little like Amos Moses from the Jerry Reed song. I was “fixing” to get the buggy, and I did!

I retreated to St. Anthony’s to complete the day in rest.


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  1. Chris Swan, Medway MA says:

    Well done. A Mother’s Day Challenge! I am sure you felt her spirit throughout the adventure.

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