Day 79

Day 79

I early and got ready for Mass. Afterwards, I headed back to the parish hall to eat breakfast. Fr. Wagner told me to swing by the rectory before I left.
He gave me a bagged lunch and some money! He offered me a ride to the edge of town. I actually had to get to the library to use wifi, so we bungeed the buggy to his trunk and crossed town. We parted ways.

I hung out at the library and caught up on journaling. Trudy, the librarian, recommended an interesting book for me to read.

After a few hours I jumped back on the road. I doubled back to the frog piano at the town common, and met up with Highway 90.

I kept chipping away at the miles. I kept losing shoulder every now and then, so it was a tough stretch. Having to pivot the buggy back and forth from road to gravel as traffic approached was tiring work.

I made it to Crowley. I had seen signs all the way into town for Frosto, a 50’s diner. I decided to check it out. The lunch Fr. Wagner packed me was long gone, I needed calories.

Jill and Jordan

I met Jill and her daughter, I think her name was Jordan. Everynow and then someone’s name complete slipps from my memory! They were outside waiting for their to-go order. Turns out they read about me on the internet! They were in town for Jordan’s ballet performance. They stopped at Frosto’s a local favorite, and we just happened to cross paths! Jill donated to the run, and told me lunch and dinner were on her. I felt so thankful!

The food was great, and the atmosphere was pretty cool too. It felt good listening to 50’s rock and roll.

I hit the road. I threw on my headphones and upped my pace. It was a tough stretch.

 After Crowley the road lost all shoulder. I still havent gained it back :(. 

I stopped at a small gas station in Estherwood and downed a Powerade, after a short break I was back on the road. It was hot!

I arrived in Mermentau. I stopped at a Cajun restaurant and ate a really good Steak and cheese sub! 

I headed to St. John the Evangelist church. I talked with a neighbor, but couldnt seem to get in touch with the pastor. After a few phone calls I found out he was on vacation for the next 5 weeks. I received a call from Fr. Wagner back at Our Mother of Mercy! He was just checking in on me to see how far I made it. I decided to risk staying on the property without official permission.

I hung my hammock and listened to the night. Stray cats, coyotes, freight trains, and strange dogs. I slept on and off.

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