Day 91

Day 91

I awoke early feeling refreshed. I gathered my things and loaded my pack. I headed over to the church at Sacred Heart in Raywood, TX for Mass at 7a.m. 
After Mass lots of kind people gave me donations! I wish I got their names. Fr. Ayo and I headed back to Ames. I went for a walk while he celebrated Mass. We went out to breakfast afterwards. 
It was a really nice place called the Casa Don Boni. Their Garden Omelette was great! We hung out and chatted as we ate. We even practiced a little spanish! 
Back at Our Mother of Mercy, I retrieved the buggy and thanked Fr. Ayo for all his works of mercy. An anonymous person at Sacred Heart gave him a donation to give to me! We parted ways.

I met Bruce! He has lived in Ames his whole life. Bruce was walking through town when I stumbled into him. I offered him a bottle of water and he accepted! I also gave him the rest of the snacks Mallory had given me. 

A few minutes later, I met Glenn! He was riding his bike through town. I offered him some water and but I didn’t have any bottles that were sealed :(. 
Glenn mentioned he was staying outside. I offered him one of my hats and he accepted! It was the one given to me by Brandon gave me back in Krotz Springs. It was in good condition. I also offered him my sleeping bag but he told me he didn’t need it. I was able to give Glenn some money. We parted ways. 

I made Liberty and bought a drink at a Taco Bell. I needed to use wifi and catch up on journaling. I saw Glenn buying some food across the street! 

I hit the road and put in a few miles. I made it to Dayton around 3 p.m. I bought a cup of ice and a powerade from a gas station took a break. I sat in the shade under a live oak, it was good rest.

I upped my pace. The front tire of the buggy was leaking air. I had to stop and check on it a few times. 

I made the Crosby Dayton road shortly after 6 p.m.

I met up with Cindy and Lee! They follow me on Facebook and offered me a place to stay! We broke down the buggy and loaded it into their trunk. We headed back to their house. 

From left to right: Me, Lee, Cindy, and Krista

Cindy grew up in Port Neches, and is actually cousins with Fr. Jason from Krotz Springs, LA. She found out about me through his Facebook post! 

We ate really well: taco salad. Cindy’s daughter Krista drove from Houston to hang with us. We played dice after dinner. 

We had key lime pie for dessert, it was great!

Lee gave me a bunch of things, bear spray, a leatherman, and a water filtration system. He also offered me a Texas atlas. It was cool to look at, but also kind of bulky. Lee and Cindy are in the process of moving out into the country! 
I fell asleep in a guest room feeling so thankful. I slept great!

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