Day 98

Day 98
I rose with the sun. One of the tires was flat on the buggy! It was a disappointing start to the day. I must have damaged on of the tubes when I was swapping out the tires. Good thing I was able to get an extra!

I headed over to the public library and sat outside to use wifi. I needed to catch up on journaling. I swapped out the inner tube, filled up an empty water gallon at the hose, and took a quick hose bath. I hit the road.

After a few miles, storm clouds rolled in! 

I decked the poncho and sought shelter under the 71 over pass. It was a crazy storm. Lightening struck down very close, it was so loud.

And just like that it was over. Scattered storms. I hit the road.

 I rationed what food I had left throughout the day: the last of the almonds and dried cherries, canned herring, an orange, and a package of tuna. 

I took lots of pictures and passed through so many beautiful areas. 

I even saw a crazy spider, it walked with me for a little bit!

I took a break at a roadside truck stop. I was out of food. I bought a can of beef stew for dinner. 

An hour or so before sundown, I was approaching La Grange. Storm clouds rolled in again! I hurried to St. Matthews Baptist missionary church a few miles outside town.

It was quiet and secluded, in the middle of nowhere. I set up my hammock and tarp in the back of the property. I slept really good: no mosquitos! Thunder storms throughout the night! It was great!

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