Day 110

Day 110

I awoke at the Holiday Inn in San Antonio Texas. I ate continental breakfast. I did a complete unpack, repack of the buggy, I even tossed a few things. I checked out and hit the road.

I made my way past the riverwalk.

I joined Guadalupe St and entered into the west side. I handed out water as I trekked.

I stopped at a small taqueria and ate lunch. I kept chipping away at the sidewalk miles. 


I met Ascensión! He was by the bus stop. He told me he was dizzy and needed to go to the doctors. I gave him a bottle of water and my hat. Ascensión is homeless. We talked a bit about his struggles. I was able to help him out with some money. He was really thankful. I headed west.

I put in a few miles out past the Air force base. I drank lots of water, it was hot. After a few hours of hiking, I ran into Ascenión again! He was sitting outside a gas station. I asked him if he was hungry and he asked for a slice of pizza. I was able to help him out. I was curious about how he was able to get out of town that far, i had been traveling for hours. He told me he took a bus. We hung out for a bit and I made sure he didn’t need anything else. We parted ways. I hope he made it to the doctors.

I bought a new hat for myself and hit the road. It is wide brimmed, and will keep me protected in the summer sun.

By sun down I made Castroville, TX. I made my way to a Pizza Hut and bought some pasta for dinner. 

After sundown, I headed to a United Methodist Church up the block. It was at the end of the road, and was quiet and peaceful. I hung my hammock and fell fast asleep. 

Btw: I’m back on Highway 90!

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