Day 115

Day 115

I woke up early along the banks of the Medina in Castroville, TX.

I broke camp, repacked the buggy, and hit the road.

Sunrise from the east

 I started to chip away at the miles.

Del and Joe

Del and Joe pulled over! They offered me a ride into town. I told them I planned on walking and thanked them just the same. They gave me a donation! We parted ways.

I stopped and took a dip at a roadside creek. The cool, clean water was refreshing. I could have stayed there all day.

I made it to Hondo around mid afternoon. I stopped by a Whataburer for some much needed calories. 


I hung out around town, keeping my mileage low, and played this crazy soccer game on Facebook messenger with my sister Jen. It was fun! 

I made it to St. John’s for the vigil Mass at 6p.m. Everyone from the parish was very welcoming. I chatted with some friendly people: Francesca, Daniel, and Helen.

After Mass I spoke with the priest. He couldn’t give me permission to stay on the property, but he gave me some money for dinner! We parted ways.

I went to a Chinese buffet, ate dinner, and looked up churches within town. 

I found the First Baptist Church and made my way. The sun set, and I wasnt able to get in touch with anyone. I risked staying without permission, found a hidden corner, and hung my hammock. I slept great!

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  1. Rosario says:

    What a blessing to have seen you on this journey of mercy, God bless you.

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