Day 117

Day 117

I rose with the sun. I headed over to the parish hall and got ready for the day. I took a hose shower outside the building, broke camp, and repacked the buggy. 

I said goodbye to Fr. Antonio, and thanked him for his mercy. He gave me a quick blessing. I hit the road.

It was a good day. I passed through farmlands with pondering cows.

A lot more people are are stopping roadside to check on me. Most just want to make sure I am safe, or to offer me a ride. I dont always catch their names. Its usual a brief encounter that I’m always thankful for.

I made Knippa late morning, and headed to a small market. I needed calories and ate a few small burritos.

 I took a nap beneath a shady tree. 

At 1 p.m. I hit the road.

I put in the miles along corn fields and telephone wires. 

By late afternoon, I had reached Uvalde.

Just in time for 6p.m. Communion service at Sacred Heart! It was all in Spanish, a language I am steadily picking back up. After service, I spent some time in adoration with God. 

I met the Holy Name Society gang! I was trying to get in touch with the Pastor for permission to stay on the property. They let me sit in on their meeting.

a few members of the Holy Name Society

John, Arturo, Joe, Roy, the deacon, and many others! They were planning an a event within the diocese for the next week. 

John offered for me to stay at his house. I was surprised. I’m always amazed at someone welcoming a complete stranger into their house. We loaded up the buggy in his pickup and hit the road.

We went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. John was a missionary in Brazil for 10 years when he was about my age. We shared stories, and had a great time!

John (left), me (center), and Deputy JJ (right)

John’s step son JJ swung by! He is a deputy for the sheriff, and payed for our meal! Deputy JJ also gave me a St. Michael prayer card! He is a good man. We parted ways.
John and I headed back to his house and he showed me to a spare room. It had been a long day. I fell asleep feeling thankful. 


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