Day 119

Day 119

I rose, broke camp, packed the buggy, and hit the road. I watched the sunrise. I watched the moon set.

I started putting in the miles.

I stopped and changed the inner tube on the front wheel of the buggy. Blowouts from vehicles are common on the road, and debris is usually left behind. Small metallic wires litter the roadside. They can puncture a traveling tire.

I made meals out of the snacks Becky, Sheryll, and Amber had given me last week. They gave me a lot of food! It was now getting low. Crackers, cookies, and nuts. 

Easy heading west.

Easy pulled over and gave me a bottle of water! He works for the county and was spraying herbicides along the roadside.


Later that afternoon, he pulled over again to check on me! He let me fill up my water bottles with ice cold water from his cooler. I was really thankful. We talked for a bit about where I was from and where I was headed. He told me he would keep an eye on me. 

I drank lots of water. I actually had to force myself to drink to keep up with his visits! Cold water makes such a difference. 

I made it to a rest stop 6 miles outside Bracketville. It was around 4 p.m. I had no rush getting into town, and it was still hot out. I set up my hammock under a roof and chilled. 

Sheriff Deputy Marty heading east.

Sheriff Deputy Marty came by to check on me, he gave me some water! He was a good man. He headed east. 

I left the rest stop a few hours before sunset. I chipped away at the miles and quickly made it into town.

I had some really good pizza, the best I’ve had on the road. Its hard to find a good slice of pizza down south.

It was getting dark. I had planned on visiting a church and asking for permission to camp, but there was an actual campground in town. It was fairly priced, I decided it made more sense to head there.

I entered Fort Clark Springs, a gated community in Brackettville, Texas. Security gave me a map to the tent campground. I trekked the two miles to it. There was a sign for a gas chamber that wierded me out a little.

I read another sign and it made more sense. Friendly people in golf carts smiled and waved. There were palm trees. It was a nice place. I made it to the campground, set up camp, and quickly fell asleep in my hammock. 

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  1. lizestler says:

    Training to deal with gas attacks is standard training for every soldier…even today.

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