Day 138

Day 138

I rose with the sun. I left the radio tower behind the courthouse and cross the tracks into town.

I stopped at a truck stop and hydrated. I ate a quick biscuit sandwich for breakfast. I bought a few gallons of water and a couple gatorades.

I made my way west out of Van Horn, TX.

I said good bye to Highway 90. It started all the way back in Jacksonville Beach FL. Its been my go to way of travel. Sadly, it ends in Van Horn. I joined I-10.

I was a little nervous about traveling on the interstate. I called the Highway Department to confirm it was the only reasonable road fit for travel. They gave me the OK!

I started the haul to El Paso. 

Traveling on the shoulder of 1-10 was actually not that bad. Traffic was steady, and I wouldn’t want to be on it at night, but the shoulder was clean and wide. There were rumble strips. I had my own lane.

I passed into Mountain Time!

Elevation, canyons, mountains, and valleys.

After a few miles I joined the frontage road. I had the road to myself!

At 11 a.m. the heat of the day set in. Its actually not the heat I worry about, its the harmful UV rays. I found a huge drainage culvert, I could walk inside! I laid down for a long siesta. I even had cell service down there! I ate a few tortillas and some peanut butter.

Time passed.

At 3:30p.m. I rejoined the frontage road. It took me along some sort of detour. It was quiet and further away from I-10.

Back running parallel with the interstate, the sun hung low.

I chipped away at the miles and watched it set.

9 miles from Sierra Blanca, TX, I started scouting locations to sleep.

I searched culverts but couldn’t find one big enough to sleep in. I left the buggy down beneath the road and hiked up to a railroad bridge. I hung my hammock beneath. I watched the stars and fell fast asleep. 

I awoke up in the middle of the night to a train up above! I slept well. 

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