Day 146

Day 146

I awoke just before the sun at the New Convent church just 4 miles outside Las Cruces, NM. 

I took a quick hose shower, ate a pop tart, repacked the buggy, and hit the road.

I made it into town:

I made it to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! 

I left the buggy in the lobby and passed through the Holy Door of Mercy.

Just in time for morning Mass!

After Mass I hit sidewalk and headed into town. A woman named Selena pulled over. She saw me at morning Mass and gave me a donation!

I headed to Taco Bell and ate a couple burritos. Crunchy beef burritos.

I wandered through Las Cruces and found some shade for an afternoon siesta.

Time passed.

Shortly after 3 p.m. I headed across town to run some errands. I payed my phone bill and headed to Walmart. 

The mocassins St. Vincent de Paul had given me had quickly worn through in just a day or two.

I bought new sandals! Not just any sandals. These are the same sandals Danny from Lake Charles had given me. They had gotten me from Lake Charles all the way across Texas before they wore through. Many, many, miles. I bought two pairs. I also bought new gallons of water, a head lamp, a large tarp, a coconut water, and a gatorade. 

By the time I was done stocking up it was already night time! 

I chipped away at some sidewalk miles:

I kept moving. I don’t really like being on the street in cities at night. 

Out past the industrial parks, past the truck stops, over the Rio Grande, and into Fairacres. It took me a couple hours. The moon was so bright!

I found a school. A cop that was idling flashed his headlights and left. I found a corner of fence along some fields and hung my hammock. I slept good!

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