Day 150

Day 150
I awoke just at sunrise. 

I took in the view.

I broke camp and repacked the buggy.

I headed over to the gas station.

I used the bathroom and washed up in the sink. 

When I got back to the buggy, someone had given me an anonymous donation! 

I ate some cheerios and drank a lot of water.

I continued on the frontage road, but it turned to dirt! 

I slipped through a gate in the cattle guard up to I-10. 

It was daytime. I decked a bright neon vest. I put in some interstate miles:

Around 9:30 a.m., the frontage road picked back up! I dipped down through a break in the cattle guard.

At 11 a.m., I came to a rest area. They had restrooms, running water, and little huts! 

I set up camp.

I siesta’d. Time passed.

Just past 3 p.m., I refilled my gallons at a hand pump. The water was so cold! I doused my head, and then my whole body.

I rejoined the frontage road, chipping away.

I crossed the Continental Divide!

I continued west.

Just past 6 p.m., I took a quick break in some shade.

I ate the last bagged lunch Margarett had given me back in Deming. Those things pack a good punch! 

I continued on the frontage road until it turned to dirt. The sun hung low. Google maps said it kept going, and it did, but on private property. I had hoped to contunie for atleast another 10 miles on that stretch of road.

I took a break at a teepee and contemplated my next move. I was 20 miles from Lordsburg. I really didn’t want to travel on the interstate at night, but I also was trying to make Sunday Mass in town the next day. 

I hiked up to the interstate. 

I put in two miles while it was still light.

I watched the sunset. I thought about traveling through the night, trudging through desert beside the road. I also thought about waking up very early before the sun to start the trek into town. I’d much rather face early Sunday morning traffic than late Saturday night.

I found some huge culverts down beneath the road. I left the buggy along some cattle guard and slipped through. I camouflaged the buggy and set up my hammock. I fell fast asleep.

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