Day 158

Day 158
I awoke at sunrise on the outskirts of Benson, AZ. I tried turning on my cell phone, and it worked! 

I broke camp and repacked the buggy. I ate some pop tarts and hit the frontage road to town. 

I took a few pictures. So much vegetation! My phone died again đŸ˜¦
I made it to Our Lady of Lourdes for Sunday morning Mass! Ever since I missed Mass the week before in New Mexico, I couldnt make it to a church that had daily Mass on the day I was in town. It felt like forever since I had been to church and received communion. I was happy to be there! 
After Mass I hit the road. I went to Ace harware and tried charging my phone. Long story short, it was an issue with its software. I made it to a Walmart and I was able to get it to charge enough to download and install an update via wifi. It worked!

I restocked. I bought a couple cans of chef boyardee, some raisins, beef jerky, pop tarts, new gallons of water, and powerade. It would be enough to get me to the next town. 

Just passed 3 p.m., I hit the road. I hiked up and out of the canyons.

I rejoined I-10. I put in the miles:

The sky blackened, and the temperature dropped. A storm fast approached! I water proofed the buggy. I hurried to the over pass at Marsh Station Road. 

It was hard work, but I made it through a gap in the cattle guard, through thick brush, and under the over pass on the train-track side of I-10. I knew I had to hunker down.

So I did! I even set up my hammock way up beneath the road. I always appreciate new places to hang a hammock, and this is one of my favorites so far! It was quiet, and out of site from both the road, and any trains.

Day light! 

I ate some chef boyardee and hung out.

Lightening bolts! It was a wicked storm and it lingered around for a while, but I was safe. I fell asleep feeling thankful for shelter in the middle of nowhere. 


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