Day 162

Day 162
I slept in! I met up with Roger and we checked out of the hotel. We made our way to the Cathedral of St. Augustine for mid-day Mass.

Cathedral of St. Augustine, Tucson, AZ

We arrived a little early, and passed through the Holy Door of Mercy together. There was a funeral going on inside. Roger had to make a few phone calls outside, I decided to attend the rest of the funeral Mass. I sat in the back.

After the funeral, I spoke to the priest and went to confession! I wandered around, said some prayers, and took a few pictures. 

Roger and I attended Mass at noon! 

me (left) and Roger (right)

And then, we parted ways. Roger had helped me out so much! Food, shelter, clothing, and donations! He headed off to the airport, and I headed northbound.


I met Willie by the bus station! He was hungry, and I was able to give him some leftovers from dinner the night before, and a bag of peanuts. We chatted for a few minutes. Willie used to be a bus driver for 30 years or so. We parted ways.

I followed sidewalk through the north side of town. 

Tesa (left) and Eric (right)

I met Eric and Tesa! They had a little homeless camp, and were having a yard sale! I bought an umbrella from them. I figured it might come in handy for UV protection in an emergency. They were really nice and thankful. I was also able to help them out with a little more money.

I stopped at a Jack in the Box and ate a burger. I hit the road.

Frontage road! Right along the interstate. But thankfully, the frontage road led north for miles and miles. I wouldnt have to step foot on I-10!

I kept moving.

And watched the sun set.

There wasn’t much traffic at all along the frontage roads. I kept moving through the dark. I chipped away at the miles:

Just before 11 p.m., I found a grove of trees right along the frontage road. I was just inside Marana, AZ. 

I set up my hammock and fell fast asleep.

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