Day 169

Day 169
I woke up in my hammock behind Walmart in Surprise, AZ. 

I watched the sunrise.

I knew I was forgetting something and I was! I headed back in and bought a huge tub of gatorade electrolyte powder. I would be heading into some vast distances over the next week or so. I also bought a reusable water bottle and batteries for my headlamp. 
And then I hit the road. I started chipping away at the miles.

Back into the desert, and back in rythyhm.

Just past 10 a.m., I found a culvert and decided to stop for a siesta. 
Time passed. Just past 4 p.m., I left the culvert and rejoined Highway 60. 

Desert miles.

I made it to a truck stop in Whittmann, AZ. Some one on a bicycle outside gave me a stick of beef jerky. Didnt catch his name. I bought a meatball sub inside and hung out charging my phone.

After a quick break, I was back on the road.

With an Arizona Iced Tea! 

The sun hung low.

And then it set. It was beautiful all around.

With reflective gear, and a bright bright headlamp, I continued on Highway 60’s wide shoulder. Into the night.
I have to say, it was so great seeing this sign! I have been on this journey since February 26th, 2016. Los Angeles is so close!!!

The bright moon illuminated the night. I even saw a few shooting stars!

I passed over San Domingo Wash. Deep canyons and steep cliffs.

I kept moving.

Just past 1 a.m., I found a little nature preserve along the roadway. I set up my hammock. The moon had set. The meteors and night sky were incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it. I fell fast asleep.

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1 Response to Day 169

  1. The Hudons says:

    You’re doing great, Dylan. Keep up the good work! Love reading about your works of Mercy, sharing your food with friends you meet along the way.
    Praying for those folks whose crosses you have in photos.

    The Hudons


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