Day 7

Day 7
I woke up early in my urban campsite and decided to spend the day in Lake City and hang out for a few hours. I caught up on journaling and even checked the news for the first time in a long while. I broke camp.
Around 10am I walked over to Hardee’s and got breakfast. I ordered a meal without bacon and they gave me sausage instead. I sort of regret eating it. Nutrition and recovery are just as important on days off the road, if not more. They staff there was very friendly. I talked with the manager about transcontinental journeys. I also met Kaylee who seemed very interested in what I was doing and had lots of questions.

I headed to KC’s produce, a place my sister found online. Along the way I met some friends, one being Clifford. A few years ago he walked from St. Augustine to Lake City, and hasn’t left since.

 At the market they had really good strawberries. I stocked up on fruits and veggies. It felt good to have some more weight in my cart. I chatted with the staff and they let me charge my phone on the porch. I actually hung out there for a few hours and took a nap on their porch swing. All around great place. It was fun people watching too!

I headed to the Epiphany Church, a few miles into town. I took my time getting there and snapped lots of photos along the way. It’s always hard to find time to spend time in photography on the road, so it was nice to have the leisure to be creative. I hung around the VA and took lots of pictures of weeds and flowers alike.

 I arrived at the Epiphany around 5pm and sat in adoration with God. I took a quick break and headed to the shell across the street. I bought a microwave burrito. It was good, but not the nutrition I needed. I plan on fueling my body properly both on and off the road from now on. I can feel the difference.
I attended Mass at 7 and spoke with some nice people afterwards. Joseph and Ruth wished me luck. I spoke with Father Rob after Mass about camping on the property and he allowed me to do so! He gave me some bottles of water and a blessing. He then showed me to a patio behind the church.
I hung my hammock underneath the awning. There was even an outlet to charge my phone right next to my setup. It was a really nice place to sleep and I felt safe. I listened to the birds, perhaps an owl, and some other critters and fell fast asleep.


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  1. mary2378 says:

    I love reading your posts. Stay safe. God Bless. Love you!!!!


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