Day 102

Day 102

I awoke on Sunday at a motel near the University of Texas. I ate some continental breakfast and rested until noon checkout. I did a complete unpack, repack of the buggy, showered, changed, and hit the town.

I saw people trickling down the sidewalk towards some sort of event. I made my way to a Texas Longhorn football training camp!

It was pretty cool, I filled up my water bottle with gatorade and water a few times. As I hydrated, I watched the team run drills. I was at an indoor practice field!

It was pretty inspiring, the team’s hardwork and dedication. It motivated me to exercise and stretch more before hitting the road each morning.

Shortly before 3pm I headed back towards the Cathedral.


I met Tre. He was passed out on the sidewalk. I honestly thought he might have been dead. I asked him if he needed help and he arose. I helped him up. We started walking.

Tre grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina. He has been in Austin since 2001. He wasn’t sure how he got there on the sidewalk, but told me he has problems with his blood pressure. I gave him my water bottle and he accepted! I also gave him some cranberry juice. He asked me for some money and I was able to help him out. He needed a sleeping bag, but didn’t want to take mine if it was the only one I had. Tre was really thankful. He was hoping to find some shade and a place to rest. We parted ways.

I was planning on attending confession at St. Mary’s cathedral but arrived too late. :(.
Outside I met Darrell. He was camera shy, but I was able to help him out with some cranberry juice. I hit sidewalk.

I forget this guys name :(. He came up to me outside a park and told me he was hungry. I wish I could have taken him somewhere to eat :(. I had a few slices of bread and some peanut butter. He accepted! He was really thankful, and with a peace sign we parted ways.


I met Lewis outside the library. He asked me if I had any food. I was able to give him the rest of the walnuts and dried cherries I had. Wished I could have brought him somewhere. Lewis was really thankful. We parted ways.

I made my way along a bicycle path to the west side of town. I stopped at the facilities at a park by the river. I found some empty bottles of water. I cleaned them out the best I could and filled them up at the sink. I hit the path.

I crossed the Colorado at Redbud trail. The dam was overflowing! The water was moving crazy fast. I made my way deeper into hill country.

The hills were steep! Really steep. I took my time and sipped on water as I progressed. I followed Redbud Trail into West Lake Hills.


Ian pulled over on the side of the road. He was curious as to what I was doing. We talked a little but about US crossers, and he gave me some of his artwork! It was a really cool envelope with an interesting design. Perhaps I’ll send someone a letter! Ian saw someone carrying a cross a few days ago up the West Lake Hills. Mitchell! We parted ways.

I made my way to St. John Newman parish just off of Bee Cave Road. It was a huge and expansive property. It was so peaceful! I couldn’t find anyone to get in touch with, so I found a secluded corner and set up the hammock.

I fell asleep listening to a moving creek, crickets, and watching lightening bugs. The mosquitos came out around sunset, but a cool breeze sent them away as night fell. I slept really good!

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  1. lizestler says:

    Now, that’s a Texas-sized waffle! Looks yummy!
    Prayers for you continuing.


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