Day 135

Day 135

I slept in! I missef sunrise. I gathered my things and repacked the buggy. I rejoined Highway 90 and hit the road.

I made my way past a peculiar little Prada store in the middle of nowhere. It had actually looked pretty spooky with the lightening the night before. I wasn’t even sure if it was open for business.

I started putting in the miles.

By 11:30a.m. I had made my goal of ten miles before a siesta. I found a clean culvert, tied a reflective vest on a marker up above, and crawled down for rest.
People checked out me off and on, just wanted to make sure I was safe and ok. The border patrol swungg by to do the same.

Time passed.

me (left) and Leo (right)

I awoke to a voice. It was Leo! He offered me a few cold bottles of water! He was with his wife, Mary, and his grand daughter from California. Leo is an ultrarunner, when he saw the jogging stroller, he knew to stop. He checked and made sure I had enough salts. I did. We talked about the desert, the road ahead, and the journey. Leo hopes to one day take on an endeavor himself. He told me he was jealous! He was a nice man! 

Eugene (left), me (center), and Aldo (right)

me (left) and Livonia (right)

At the same time, Eugene, Aldo, and Livonia pulled over! They are Italian. They gave me a donation a bag with cookies and a banana! Eugene’s stomping grounds is Venice Beach. He told me I would see him when I got there!
I was so thankful for everyones help, kindness, and mercy. We all parted ways.

I downed the waters cold. I made a tuna wrap with some salted peanuts. I drank a gatorade and ate the cookies and banana my friends had given me. I digested.

A short time later, I was back on the road. I wasnt exactly sure what time it was. My phone had skipped between central and mountain time on a few different occasions. I looked to the sun.
I put in a few miles. 

Brian Higgins in his truck

Brian Higgins stopped to check on me! He had seen me a few days back. He gave me a bunch of bottles of water! We parted ways.

I got a flat :(. A thorn. I had to work on it in the sun. Once I stopped moving. I started to sweat. I removed the tire and removed the thorns. There was a few. I had one spare inner tube. I used it. I threw everything back together again and hit the road.

At 5:20p.m. I came to a picnic area. I had only been traveling for a couple of hours, but I decided to stop anyway. I’ll take advantage of any opportunity for rest I can.I ate a big can of brown sugar beans for dinner. I downed a gatorade and drank water. I rested. It was a quick break within a half hour.

 I hit the road.
It started to storm all around! Everywhere except directly above me, I kept moving. 

It rained a bit. I took a break in a culvert. 

It let up a bit. There were enough culverts for shelter so I could keep moving.

I saw great sights, and took what pictures I could before my phone screen and hands got wet. Sunsets, rapid lightening, purple clouds, and a moonrise.
14 miles south of Van Horn, darkness fell and the storms intensified. It started to pour. 

I quickly made it to a bridge and found a very large and clean culvert. The buggy fit, and I could walk inside with my head low. I hung out and watched the storm. I wanted to keep moving, but for the second night in a row, I missed out on the evening miles. I laid down my sleeping bag and listened to the storm. I was able to stay dry.

Early in the morning, once the storms subsided, I hung my hammock outside off the bridge. I got a few more hours of solid sleep. It was great! 

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