Day 164

Day 164
I slept in a little, the sun had risen! 

I broke camp and repacked the buggy. I left the fromtage road and headed up highway 84 towards Eloy, AZ.
I made it to town.

A man pulled over and gave me a donation! Didn’t catch his name, but he told me to start the day off with something good. I think he meant a meal!


I met Ramon at a gas station in town! He was hungry, so I bought him a sweet roll. I ate one too, it was good! Ramon was born and raised in the Eloy area, and has never left. He asked me questions about Florida, I showed him some pictures. He was a really cool guy. We parted ways.

I stumbled upon St. Helen of the Cross in town. There weren’t any Masses that day. 

I took a little break and said a few prayers. It hit the road.

West out of townAnd then north. I chipped away at some miles.

At 11:00 a.m., I stopped for a siesta. There wasn’t much around except some shrubs, but I made a good shelter. It doesnt look like much, but it was cool under that tarp!

Time passed.

Just as I was breaking camp, a couple pulled over along the road. They gave me a big bag with teo frozen waters, another cold water, two ham and cheese sandwiches, and a sleeve of ritz crackers. Wow! They also offered me a ride, but I was fixing to walk. They were so nice to me, wish I got a photo and names.

Back on the road, another person pulled over and gave me an ice cold water! Didnt catch his name. I had left town without restocking on water. Good thing these people had helped me!

I headed north. Along all different kinds of country roads. At this point I know better than to follow ways my GPS sends me, but I do enjoy little detours and adventures every now and then. As long as I am safe and prepared:

I made it to a little gated community at the intersection of a east-west major road. I sat along the wall behind a bush in the shade. I was tired. 

I reached some agricultural fields. I downed a coconut water and kept moving.
I watched the sun go down. I got a phonecall from Doug back in Jacksonville. It was great touching base!

I kept moving.

I made it to the water source for the fields. There was rushing, flowing, cold water! It wasn’t drinkable, and I was low on water. I did have iodine tablets, but planned on saving them for a true emergency. I dipped my arms in the water to rush the cold through my bloodstream. I also cooled my skull.

As it grew dark, I made my way north out of the agricultural fields I had traveled through.

I passed some sort of dairy.

I came to the intersection of Highway 87. I took a few moments and contemplated my next move. The cars going by were going pretty fast, but there weren’t many of them. They came in pockets every few minutes. I usually don’t like to travel on main highways at night, but the shoulder was really big. Atleast 10 feet wide. I was also low on water. I decked reflective gear and a head lamp. I started chipping.

I stumbled onto the Gila River Indian Reservation! I wasn’t sure the laws on the reservation, but I kept moving through the night:

A drill site. The milky way above me and a crescent moon hanging low on the horizon. Mountain walls and silhouetted cacti.The glow of a metropolis off on the distance. I kept moving.

Just before 11 p.m., I found a drainage culvert. I set up my hammock down beneath the road. I fell asleep thinking about the land I now found myself in. I slept great!

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  1. Ethel Fraga says:

    Dylan, with you in prayer.
    Ethel Fraga
    Alan’s friend

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