Day 97

Day 97
At 6 a.m. the sky started to lighten. I packed up the buggy and and headed into town.

I went to a recreation park that opened at sun rise. I hung my hammock between a few live oaks. I was hoping to catch a few hours of sleep. I did!
I awoke to a park employee telling me I had to go. I think he thought I had slept there overnight. I told him I was traveling and had come to the park at sunrise. I also told him I didn’t plan on staying much longer. He told me it was ok.

I washed up in the bathrooms and toon a sprinkler shower. I wanted to check out the lake and maybe go swimming, but I just didn’t have it in me. I made it to a gas station and ate some biscuits and sausage for breakfast. I bought a gallon of water, swapped out the bandaid on the tire, and hit the road.

I left Highway 90 ALT and followed Highway 102 north. It took me through so many beautiful areas!

I snacked on what was left of the almonds and dried cherries David’s family had given me. I drank a LOT of water. At noon I took a roadside break in the shade.


A few miles from Alleyton, Pedro made my day! He was out in the field and saw me walking. He offered me a cold water! I felt so thankful, and drank it while it was cold. It was the kick I needed to get into town.

I followed Alleyton Rd through town. At one point a crazed pitbull escaped a fence and we had an intense battle. I won. It must have got my adrenaline going because I felt pretty good after that, haha. I stopped at a truck stop for a break.

With clouds setting in, I headed for Colombus.

I saw lots of flooding along the Colorado river. Roads had been sectioned off.

A man pulled over and said he saw me that morning back in Eagle Lake. He gave me a burrito from Taco Bell and told me God bless! I always draw encouragement from people helping me out. Amazing!

I walked along the Colorado and made it to St. Anthony’s church. I talked with a few different people, but I couldn’t seem to get in touch with priest. There was supposed to be a 5:30p.m. Mass at the church, but the whole building was locked.

I made it to the First Baptist Church a few blocks down. Geneva gave me permission to camp! I felt so thankful. I left the buggy at the church, grabbed an umbrella (given to me back in Houston) and headed for Walmart. I grabbed the supplies I needed to replace the tires. They were out of mosquito nets :(. I also grabbed a spare inner tube just in case. I doubled back to the First Baptist church and sought shelter through the storm.

I changed both rear tires! It felt so good getting it done. A couple times in the past few days I had worried about having to abandon the buggy altogether. Its getting rickety!
I watched the storm. Shortly after sunset, I crawled inside the sleeping bag. The rain kept most of the mosquitos away. It also cooled down the air. I slept really good!

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1 Response to Day 97

  1. The Hudons says:

    God Bless you, Dylan. Sounds like you’ve been through a lot of road challenges this week, but met some great people. We’ll keep you in our prayers. Thanks for being an inspiration for us back home to share mercy and not to fear !

    The Hudon Family


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