Day 166

Day 166
I awoke early in a dumpster corrall in a parking lot by Mcdonalds. I was in Chandler, AZ.

I watched the sunrise.

I headed over to Mcdonalds and grabbed a quick breakfast. It was good!

I hit the road:

I needed to catch up on journaling. So I did! I went to the Chandler Public Library. It was attached to a high school, so there was lots of students coming and going. It felt weird hearing the announcements and bells ringing throughout the day. Like I was back in class!

I was actually there for most of the day. I needed to transfer photographs on to a usb flash drive from my phone. It took forever! Just past 5 p.m. I finally caught up with all my work. I hit sidewalk.

Back outside, it was hot! I was glad to have spent most of the day in the AC. 

I kept moving through Chandler on sidewalk.

I stopped by St. Mary’s in town. There was an adoration chapel, but you needed a code to get in. It was difficult getting in touch with the priest there, so I said a little prayer and kept moving.

The sun set, and I found myself on the street just north of Chandler. I had originally planned to travel north to Mesa that day, but I had spent so much time at the library. I wasnt sure what the road ahead would look like, and I was already uneasy about my surroundings at dark. 

So I took the plunge and got a motel room! I was happy to have somewhere safe to sleep. I was also happy to be able to sleep in the AC. I think I had been combating heat exhaustion the past few days, and the day spent in the cool library had helped with my mental clarity. I drank a lot of water and passed out. I was tired!

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