Day 139

Day 139

I arose at sunrise. I broke camp and grabbed the buggy. 

I made my way up to the frontage road. 

I chipped away at the miles and entered Sierra Blanca, TX.

I ate juevos rancheros at a restaurant and then found my way into tree line behind a gas station. It was hot early. I was tired. I set up my hammock and laid down for rest. 
Time passed. I slept most of the day.

I bought a sandwich at subway and downed a few cups of powerade. I made my way across town.

I filled up my empty gallons at a water spicket at a bank. I also washed up. At 5:30 p.m. I left town.

I put in the miles along the I-10 frontage road: 

I watched the sun set at a rest area 9 miles outside town. 

I ate a tuna wrap and downed a powerade.

I made my way to the opposite side of the Highway to continue to follow the frontage road. 

I watched the moon rise.

My GPS had told me the frontage road ended a few miles after the rest stop. I did not want to travel on the interstate at night. I was a little disappointed, I spent most of the day resting and missed out on some good miles. 

I settled. I found a great bridge with culverts beneath. It was along an empty river bed. I had to off road the jeep to get down there. I was nervous that thorns from the desert brush would puncture a tire or two. It was risky, but I made it down there. I hung my hammock and watched the moon and stars. I slept great!

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