Day 90

Day 90

I rose with the sun. I broke camp and loaded the buggy. I hit the road.

I made it to Nome by mid morning. I found a gas station and used the bathroom. I headed towards Devers.

It was a long stretch. I was tired. The heat of the day had set in. I changed out of my tank top and into a t shirt for a little more protection. 

I had been snacking all day, but hadn’t had a meal of sustenance. I was in a calorie deficit, and probably needed to hydrate more. 

I made it to Devers. There wasn’t much in town, just two gas stations. Tired, I laid a tarp under a live oak and took a nap. 

I gathered energy and headed over to a fruit stand! I was so happy to see fruits and vegetables. Most of the time on the road, nutrition is rare to come by. I actually didn’t even buy anything, they only sold in bulk and I couldn’t carry much more 😦 I settled for less and bought some boudin and nachos at the gas station. Around 3p.m. I hit the road.

I felt sustained. The sky was overcast with clouds. I had some shade every now then. It was an easier stretch.

I made Ames by 6 p.m. Our Mother of Mercy was just inside town. I crossed the tracks and knocked on the rectory door.

Fr. Ayo

I met Fr. Ayo! He helped me out so much! I asked him if I could stay somewhere on the property, and he let me stay at a guest house at his neighboring parish! 

We left the buggy in the parish hall and loaded up the buggy. Fr. Ayo is a Nigerian preist and has been at Our Mother of Mercy for 2 years. He has traveled all around the world, and spent time in Guatemala a few years ago. He studied Spanish!

We headed back to Raywood to Sacred Heart. Fr. Ayo opened the guest house and left me to rest. 
Later that evening he picked me up and we picked up some dinner from Chilis! We also went to Walmart. Fr. Ayo bought me some things: bananas, peanut butter, bread, apples, water, a sleeping bag, a mosquito net, and some clothes! It was overwhelming, he helped me out with everything I needed! I fell asleep feeling very thankful. I slept well!

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