Day 185

Day 185
I opened my eyes. I was in my hammock up in a tree in the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area. 15 miles from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

I broke camp and retrieved the buggy.

I joined a bike path.

Down into Montibello.

from left to right: Beth, Shannan, and me!

I met up with Shannan from Twentynine Palms and Beth! Beth is Shannan friend, and was catching a flight back to Okinawa that morning. Shannan was driving her to the airport in L.A., they both wanted to take me out to breakfast!

Beth had climbed Mt. Fuji earlier that year. She showed me a few pictures, it was so amazing! Shannon got a call from Philip, I told her to tell him I said hello! It was such a great time among friends. They were so nice to me.

The food was really good, and Beth sent me off with a HUGE cinnamon roll. Wow! They hit the road, and I hit the side walk. And just like that, we parted ways!

I chipped away.


I met George. I offered him a water, and he accepted! He told me to take a walk down Caesar Chavez street if I was trying to get downtown.

So I did!

Into Los Angeles!!!

To the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downton Los Angeles, California, USA!:

I stumbled upon an event! The Sixth Annual Votive Mass, Grand Marian Procession, Benediction, and 2016 Feast of Our Lady of the Angels!

and then, I was back on the street.

I moved through downtown L.A.
I wasnt sure where I was going to sleep. I was thinking about ditching the buggy and climbing a tree. They were everywhere in the downtown area, and thick and leafy! 

I really didn’t want to get in trouble though. When I saw this person sleeping on the sidewalk downtown, I wasn’t sure if I even would.

I kept moving.

The Dr. Pepper team gave me a bunch pf cans of soda! They were so nice to me! I wasnt even sure what I would do with them all.


I downed one, it was good! I kept moving. West.

I found a church and entered within. There was some some sort of service going on. I headed into the chapel and said a few prayers. I rejoined sidewalk. 


I met Ralph! He was listening to some sort of event on his little transistor radio. I offered him a cold Dr. Pepper and he accepted! We chatted for a bit there by the sidewalk. He was a really nice guy. We parted ways. 

I kept moving through the night. I passed through many a neighborhood. It was cultural. People grilling on the street, little shops and vendors, and tons of little iglesias for Saturday night services. I kept my pace up. It was wild.

Eventually, I made it to a safer area. 

Just outside Culver City, around 11:45p.m., I hid the buggy and set up my hammock in a tree above the sidewalk. People passed by down below all night, but they didn’t see me up above! I slept ok!

What a day!!!

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