Day 60

Day 60
I woke up by the dumpsters at the hotel suites. I repacked the buggy and headed back over to the Waffle House.

I had breakfast and hit the road. I swung by McDonald’s for a small drink and wifi. I uploaded journal entries, photographs, and charged my phone.
I headed over to St. Bonaventure for Sunday morning Mass. 
After Mass a man named Darien came up to me and gave me some money! He told me he saw me at McDonalds that morning.
Just then Vincent and Jay approached me! I immediately recognized Vincent from St. Michael the Archangel church in Pensacola on Divine Mercy Sunday. He was with his son Brian then, who is currently backpacking in Australia. This day, he was in Westwego with his son Jay to visit a racetrack.
It was so crazy, and hard to comprehend the chances of running into each other again! Space, time, and mercy. We snapped a picture and headed to their camper. If I come across the photo I will post it! Vincent and Jay gave me cold waters, some oreo snacks, and money! Jay is soon planning his own travel adventure for when he finishes his studies. 
Like running into Chris a few days ago, running into Vincent and his son gave me alot of encouragement. I was having a rough morning, it was so nice to be among friends!

Feeling reassured, we parted ways and I jumped back on the 90. I swung by Winn Dixie and loaded up on fruits and veggies. Nutrition!

I hit the road and saw all kinds of things. Fisherman, and even a few gators! 

I usually don’t travel on Sundays but I wanted to make my way towards a safer town. I took my time.

I made it to Holy Family Parish, just off Highway 90. Turns out, there was an evening Mass there within minutes of my arrival! 
After Mass, I spoke with a visiting priest asking for permission to camp. There was some confusion, and a misunderstanding, but long story short, I was put up in a hotel for the night! 

It was so overwhelming in a good way. Special thanks to Troy from Holy Family and two other friends from the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Department who were camera shy and wish to remain aninymous! I fell asleep looking forward to rest and recuperation. 

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  1. lizestler says:

    Prayers for you continuing, Dylan! God bless you and keep you!


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