Day 81

Day 81
I awoke at the Days Inn and got ready for the day. I checked out.

Jude and his wife Vendi picked me up! They are members of the Fox family! It was really nice to see smiling faces early on Sunday morning. We loaded the buggy in the back of their truck and headed back to Welsh.
Jude and Vendi are parishioners at Our Lady of Seven Dolors, and are friends of Fr. Alan. We talked about all kinds of things on the way to church, and I did my best to answer their questions.

Fox and Friends: (from left to right) Me, Weston, Vendi, Gabby, Fr. Alan, and Jude!

After Mass I met their daughter Gabby and her boyfriend Weston. We all said a little prayer together and took a group photo outside the church.
Jude gave me a pair of sneakers! They are really nice! They also very kindly donated to the run.

Jason and Deborah

I also met Deborah and Jason. They made a donation too!

Jude and Wendy

And Jude and Wendy, who also made a donation. Similar names, but different people!
We chatted and hung out outside the church, and just like that they were gone. Its always tough saying goodbye to such good friends, even if I did just meet them!

Knights of Colombus and Choir

I headed over to the parish hall for lunch with the choir, and the Knights of Columbus. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, and the food was great! I met lots of people, and an anonymous person donated to the run.

In the kitchen, I chatted with a few folks about Cajuns, their ancestry, and their struggles and stories. They sent me off with a big plate of food and dessert for dinner!
Fr. Alan very generously gave me a donation. We loaded up the buggy and he drove me to the edge of town. We talked about the people of Welsh, Louisiana, and how welcoming they are. I thanked him for everything. He is a great and merciful man! We parted ways.

I doubled back and retraced my footsteps across town. I made my way to the library. It was closed, but I was able to sit outside the door and use wifi! I caught up on journaling and uploaded pictures. By 3p.m. I was ready to hit the road.

It was a good day. I still didn’t have any shoulder, but because it was Sunday less people were on the road. I was able to walk up on the road. I kept a steady and slow pace. I took pictures.

Late afternoon, I arrived in Lacassine and visited St John the Evangelist church.

I sat beneath a roadside statue of Christ and laid down a tarp. I ate the dinner plate my friends from Welsh had given me. It was also a good break!

It was a cloudy day, with potential for rain. I contemplated my options, and decided to try and make Iowa by sundown.

I did! Just as I arrived in town I got yet another flat tire :(. The sun set low, and I made my way to St. Raphael’s in town. I explored the neighborhood. There was no one at St. Raphael’s, so I could not gain permission to sleep on the property.

I risked doing so without permission. I ended up building a little fort by the dumpsters. The ac units created a steady rhythm like a noise machine, and I slumbered off. I awoke to rain in the middle of the night, but it was light and enjoyable.

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