Day 109

Day 109

I arose on Sunday before the sun, broke camp, and loaded the buggy. I hauled out of the woods. I got very little sleep. I hit the road.

I put in a few miles. It would be a log day. I was bound for the Cathedral of San Fernando in downtown San Antonio.

I kept my pace fast. By mid morning I had reached city limits. San Antonio is a big town. I was 18 miles out.

I kept chipping away at the miles. After a few hours I hit sidewalk. It went on for over 12 miles and lead all the way into the downtown area! I love cities that are pedestrian friendly.


I met Avery, he was walking by the airport and needed some water. I was able to help him out.

Cathedral of San Fernando, San Antonio TX

It was a tough day, but I made it to the Cathedral of San Fernando shortly after 3 p.m. I explored and took pictures.


I met Robert, I was able to help him out with some money. I also met a man named Franklin, and was able to help him with some money too.

I met Fr. Tony! He gave me a tour of the cathedral and the downtown area. He introduced me to the Knights of Columbus, and put me up on a hotel for the night! He told me to rest well, and gave me a few pointers of things to check iut around town.

I attended the 5p.m. Mass at the Cathedral. Turns out it was a big day! There was some sort of a procession through the Holy Door of Mercy before Mass.

It was a Jubilee Mass for the Sick and the Disabled. Lots of people showed up.


After Mass, I met up with Jordan! He knows Mallory from ST. Anthony’s in Beaumont, TX! He was really interested in the journey and asked me lots of questions. He also made a donation to the run! He works for the diocese, and told me if I needed any help going forward to give him a call. We parted ways.

Back tow: Fr. Mesa (left) and Fr. Tony (right) Front row: Louis (left) and me (right)

I met up with Fr. Tony, Louis from the Knights of Colombus, and Fr. Mesa, we all went out to eat! We went to a mexican restaurant called Lisa’s. The food was really good. We talked about all kinds of things, it felt good to be in good company.

It had been a long day, and I was tired. The guys dropped me off at the hotel. I rested for a bit, and then headed downtown to check out some sort of projection show on the cathedral edifice. It was really cool, I stayed for a few minutes taking in the sound and the light. I retired to the hotel, just a few blocks away, and slept well!

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