Day 126

Day 126

I rose before the sun. I broke camp, dismantled the fort, and repacked the buggy. I hit the road.

At sunrise I crossed paths with Lee again! 

He gave me a better flashlight, a few packs of tuna, and told me there was a rest stop a few miles agead. He also told me he would see me that evening on his way home. Lee headed east. I headed west.

I started chipping away at the miles.

I reached the rest stop just past 9 a.m. It was only another 10 miles to the general store in Dryden, but I hadn’t eaten breakfast. I stopped and took a break. 

I hung in the shade, something nearly nonexistent on the open road. I opened up a can of beans and chicken and made tacos with the tortillas. It was a large meal. I drank water and gatorade. I needed to digest.

seems like a lot!

I did a complete unpack, repack of the buggy. I trashed, organized, and downsized things.

At 11 a.m. I hit the road. I knew my break had cost me. It meant I would have to travel through the heat of the day. I considered staying at the pincnic area till it cooled off, but I needed to make the general store before it closed at 5 p.m. It was a risk worth taking.

It was a tough stretch. I drank water and gatorade constantly. My shirt became soaked again. I battled fatigue.

At 2p.m. I rolled into Dryden. 

I made it to the general store! It was literally the only place in town.

Inside were Jackie, Devon, and Tammy! It was dark and cool. They had a great variety of items, atleast from my perspective. It was a desert oasis!

I used the bathroom. I bought an interesting lunch: two packages of hot pockets, a can of pringles, a small pecan pie, and a Dr. Pepper. I needed calories.

Tammy and I

The staff was so nice, and let me hang out inside until closing. Jackie took over the general store just recently. I have to say, she has the best prices in town (and other towns too)! Tammy is a friend from town. Her father went to school in the building back when it was a school house! I watched the comings and goings of the customers. Debbie and Rachel came by. They had seen me walking the day before. They and Tammy asked me lots of questions.

Me (left), Devon (center), and Dimitri (right)

Dimitri came by! He bought me an IBC root beer! It was such a great time hanging out at the general store.


A man named Jimmy came by and offered to buy me a drink! I chose a mineral water. He was a nice man!

Jackie mentioned a cyclist who came through. Grum! I asked her how he was doing and she told me not good. 

He came into the store around 3p.m. the day before. He was soaked in sweat. He drank a mountain dew and ate a few chicken pot pies, but he wasnt going to the bathroom at all. Meaning he probably wasn’t hydrated. Jackie let Grum stay overnight. That morning, he got a ride to Sanderson to catch a train to El Paso. He couldn’t take the heat. I think he left me a water on the patio!

Jackie and Devon

The general store reminded me of an aid station for a foot race. Refueling, battling ailments, and people dropping out. I felt sad to hear about Grum, but it also put things into perspective for me.

Since Florida, I have been able to rise with the sun and crunch miles all day until sundown. I always try to avoid high noon the best I can, but up until now it really hasn’t been an issue. It wasn’t until west of Comstock that I have experienced what the heat of the day can do. I’m in desert. I simply can’t travel that way any longer. Towns are much further apart. Things are changing.

Jackie sent me off with some vegetables. 

When I got to the buggy Tammy had left me a nice note and a donation! Just before 5 p.m. I hit the road.

I put in the miles.

Lee in his Wrangler

Lee pulled over on his way home from work to check on me! I told him I had plenty of water and food. He told me he turned on the AC in his guest house! It would be cool when I arrived the next day. We parted ways.

At sundown I decked reflective gear and made my way towards Sanderson. A sheriff’s deputy pulled over to check on me. We talked a little bit about this adventure. He made sure I had enough water and food, and told to me to enjoy the journey. We parted ways.

It was 10 miles to Sanderson. I found a small drainage culvert and managed to set up my hammock! I found a neat little trick to be able to hang it in an enclosed space. Being off the ground makes me feel much safer.

I watched the stars. So amazing! I fell asleep as the occasional big rig rolled through. I slept really good!

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