Day 111

Day 111

I rose with the sun and made my way into town. I headed to the library to charge my phone and use wifi. There were no outlets and no wifi outside the building :(. 

Shortly before 8a.m., I headed to St. Louis’ in town. I attended daily Mass in the chapel.

From left to right: Pam, me, Rosalie, Ava, and Sonya

After Mass I met Pam, Sonya, Rosalie, and Ava! They asked me lots of questions and donated to the run! They told me they would be praying for me. They were so kind and welcoming!
I headed over to a McDonalds and bought a Mcgriddle for breakfast. I was hoping to charge my phone but they had no outlets for customers to use :(. 
I tried a gas station and they had an outlet out front! I made a small purchase and then charged my phone outside until the library opened. I needed to catch up on journaling. 
When I made it to the library, I ran into some difficulties. The wifi wasn’t strong enough to upload entries or photographs, it was really loud inside with lots kids yelling, and I was getting frustrated. I hit the road. 

It was a rough start to the day, and I was wondering why I was so upset. It wasn’t just the library that had upset me. It was a lot of things. I couldn’t remember the last time I had an actual day of rest off the road. 
I needed one. In fact, I decided I needed a couple. Out on the road, sometimes I have to settle for a half days rest. I’ve been making good ground. I’m halfway through Texas, and halfway across the United States of America. There was a campground just outside town with a recreational park. I headed that way.

As soon as I arrived I knew it was perfect. They even had wifi throughout the whole park! I found a site in a cornerand set up camp along the swift Medina river.

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