Day 128

Day 128

I slept in! I showered, washed up, and changed into clean clothes. I caught up on journaling. Around 11a.m. I left Lee’s guest house and I hit town.

I ran into Debbie and Rachel at Stripes! They offered to help me further down the road if I needed assistance. We hung out for a bit and talked about the weekend celebrations for the 4th of July. I also met a cool rancher named Barry. He looked like he was from the old west. He open carried!We parted ways. 

I headed to the library and uploaded journal entries and pictures. I was there for a few hours.

Around 3 p.m. I made my way across the courtyard green. Vendors were all ready set up for the festivities. I got a snow cone. Bubble gum. It was great!

I restocked water and gatorade back at stripes. I also got a hot meal to go. A bit past 4 I hit the road.

I started putting in the miles, making my way out from Sanderson Canyon:

Just before sundown I made it to the picnic area around mile 10. I ate the dinner plate I bought back at Stripes. It was good! 

Decking reflective gear I walked off into the sunset:

Traffic was non existent. I was probably the only person for miles and miles. I started herping haha. The only difference between me and Lee is that I didn’t want to find any snakes! I stayed vigilant. 

The night sky was amazing! Stars everywhere. I turned off my headlight every now and then just to take it all in. There was even a crazy lightening storm to the southwest. 

I passed over dry creek just around midnight. I stopped to take a picture, and there was a snake right next to me on the guard rail. Yikes!

It freaked me out some, I upped my pace. I was contemplating trekking through the night all the way to Marathon, 52 miles from Sanderson. Around 12:30a.m. I decided to call it a night. I started scouting places to camp.

They were few and far in between, but I found a great place at a construction site down beneath the road! I set up my hammock between a tree and scaffolding. I star gazed, and fell asleep around 2 a.m. 

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