Day 89

Day 89

I awoke and packed the buggy. I checked out of the Deluxe Inn and headed towards the Cathedral Basilica of St. Anthony.

Deacon Tommy and Deanna

I met up with Deacon Tommy! We had originally met at Fr. Sinclair’s anniversary party in Orange Texas at St. Francis’. He had messaged me and told me to swing by the chancery building.

He introduced me to some of the staff! I met Mallory, Deanna, and a few others. Deanna gave me a donation. Her and Deacon Tommy have a prison ministry. They had just received a few requests for pen pals from a few inmates. I offered to take one up! Mallory works for the diocese newspaper. The Cathedral got struck by lightening during the storm the day prior, and she was covering the story. She was very nice to me, and gave me a huge bag filled with snacks: cookies, crackers, pop tarts, and all kinds of things! Deanna gave me a donation!

I left the chancery around 11 a.m. and made my way to the library. I couldn’t find my friends, they must have been out an about. I left some snacks by their backpacks. 


I met Mohamed! He has been in Beaumont for 5 years. I offered him some snacks and he accepted! I also had some cold left over pineapple pizza from my day of rest, we hung out and shared a few slices. He was interested in the journey, and asked me a few questions. I hit the road.

Well, sort of. It was a tough stretch without shoulder. I off-roaded the jeep over curbs and grass for a few miles. It was a lot of work, and I tired quickly in the noon sun.

Around 2 p.m. I was just on the outskirts of Beaumont, about to gain shoulder. I took a nap under some live oaks. I headed over to subway and grabbed a veggie sandwich. 

Thankfully, I gained shoulder. I put in the miles. By 6p.m, I was just a few miles out side China. 

When I reached town, I met up with some friends! 

Back Row from left to right: Brandon, Oudie, Kaylee, and Aaron. Middle row: Me (left) and Rachel (right). Front: Ava!

Rachel is friends with Mallory, they work together at the diocese. Rachel and her husband Brandon live in Beaumont and brought their family out to visit with me: Aaron, Kaylee, Ava, and Oudie! 

They gave me a really cool gift: a solar charger! Rachel and Mallory had been talking about the desert and how a solar charger may help me. Turns out Rachel and Brandon had one that they wanted to give me! 

They bought me Subway! We hung out at the Exxon gas station. I did my best to answer their questions, they had some good ones. Ava had a package of gummy worms that she wanted to give me!
It was a great time. Roadside visits are the best! We took a group photograph and parted ways.

I made my way to Our Lady of Sorrows. Deacon Tommy had introduced me to the pastor back at the chancery that morning. On the road that afternoon, I tried to contact him through the parish offices with no luck. I contemplated staying without permission. 

Its a bit of a story, but I ended up moving behind a fence at the dollar store next door. I was able to hang my hammock, something I have not done in a long while! It felt good. I watched the full moon rise above the marshlands. I looked to the sky, searching for Mars. I battled mosquitos throughout the night. I didnt get much sleep 😦

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2 Responses to Day 89

  1. Hudon Family says:

    Continuing to keep you in our prayers, Dylan!
    Thanks for your inspiration in your acts of mercy along the road!

    Sincerely, The Hudon Family

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