Day 120

Day 120

I slept in at the campgrounds in Fort Clark Springs. I showered, washed a few clothes in the sink, ate a few snacks, and hung out. 

I hydrat d, took a late morning nap in the sun, charged devices. Around 11 a.m., I headed into town. 

There was no daily Mass listed online, but I decided to check out St. Mary Magdalene. I stumbled upon a Door of Mercy! It was unlocked, I went inside.

I said a few prayers and headed back towards Highway 90.

I bought two gallons, four powerades, and a subway sandwich for the road. Around 1 pm, I headed west.

Easy and co.!

I ran into Easy again! He offered me water but I had plenty. We parted ways.

The road to Del Rio:

It was a quiet day. 

By sundown I was 9 miles north east of Del Rio, Texas. 

I set up camp under another drainage tunnel I found. 

I ate the rest of the meatball sub I bought from Subway. It grew dark.

The stars were amazing! I slept well.

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