Day 69

Day 69

I slept in! The sun had risen. I broke camp around 8a.m. The left tire to the buggy was flat again :(. I figured Richards patchwork had gotten me all the way to the outskirts of Baton Rouge. I felt thankful.

I loaded up all the weight on my pack and decided to push the empty buggy to the nearest gas station. It was a few miles, and it was awkward trying to push the cart straight with a lazy wheel.
Around 9 a.m. I made it to a Racetrak, and took a break. They didn’t have an air machine so I planned my next move.

Just then, Rochelle called me! She is a friend of Jo from Napoleonville. She was headed to the St. Michael church in Convent. She offered for me to tag along, they have a Holy Door of Mercy there! It must have slipped my radar. I accepted the offer and an hour or so later Rochelle scooped me up and we loaded the buggy in the back.

St. Gabriel, LA

Rochelle is a reporter for the Catholic Commentator in town. She was on her way to interview parish staff at a church not far from St. Michael’s. It was fun tagging along. Rochelle was also a school teacher for a number of years, and is very knowledgable about the history of the river towns. She was a great tour guide!

St. Michael’s, Convent, LA

We passed through the Holy Door at St. Michael’s and spent a few minutes in prayer.

It was a beautiful church and I snapped a few pictures.

Red beans and rice

Rochelle took me out to lunch! It was a really cool Cajun place not far from Convent. We talked about all kinds of things. She was also very interested in the journey! She bought me a few beignets and drove me back towards Baton Rouge.
Doug from Thibodaux had facilitated a place for me to stay that night! His friend Brian, from Baton Rouge, offered to put me up in a hotel that night. I was pretty amazed that a complete stranger would help me out in such a tremendous way! I didn’t get a chance to meet Brian (he had alot going on with his family) but he must be a great guy.

three wierdos

Rochelle dropped me off at the Courtyard Marriot and we parted ways. I showered, changed into clean clothes, and even watched some t.v. I used the internet to Skype with my sisters that night, and fell asleep feeling extremely grateful.

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