Day 159

Day 159
I awoke before dawn. A train was going by! I climbed up to the road above and took in my surroundings:

I was officially off the interstate! Marsh Station Road led all the way into Vail, AZ. No more miles on I-10 for the rest of the journey!

I repacked the buggy and walked a service road along the train tracks.

I stumbled into a R&R employee. I told him I got caught up in the storm, and was trying to find access to Marsh Station Rd. He pointed me in the right direction.

I joined the road. It misted. It was an adventure!:

Just before 12 noon, I made it to Vail! I hit a gas station and bought a couple slices of pizza. I also got an ice cream at DQ!

 I set up my hammock beneath a decently shaded tree for a siesta.

Time passed. A man named Israel came by and gave me a plate of chicken!
At quarter to 3 p.m, I bought a coconut water at a gas station and downed it. I rehydrated and hit the road.

Down through Vail, and northwest through the suburbs.

I reached Tucson city limits!

It felt so good to have made it to Tucson! I kept moving through the desert and on sidewalk (sometimes):

The sun set. It was beautiful all around:

At dark, I found myself by an airport just 10 miles south of downtown. I found a great place to set up my hammock along a wall bordering a property.

Unfortunately, a man came around flashing his flashlight. I got the message and broke camp. I kept moving.

I found some great open desert. I set up my hammock beneath a lone tree. I fell asleep listening to coyotes. Tucson!

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2 Responses to Day 159

  1. Erin Martin says:

    I was in Tucson in January! They have GORGEOUS sunsets there! Did you know those purple fruits on cactus are edible? They’re called prickly pears. You wouldn’t want to handle them with your bare hands, since they are covered in tiny little barbs, but if you have some leather gloves or something heavy duty to cover your hands, you can carve the outside off with a knife and eat them!

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