Day 157

Day 157
I awoke at sunrise.

I broke camp, and repacked the buggy. 
I hit the road.

I joined I-10 as the street lamps were still lit. I started chipping away. Things were getting a bit more green:

I have seen adverstiements for “The Thing!” ever since New Mexico. 

I’m not too sure what the thing is, I didn’t go in, but if anyone is curious its out there waiting in the desert, haha.

But I did grab some DQ for the road. It was the 11 o’clock a.m. hour. 

I kept moving. 

To a rest area, 2 miles further down the road. It was beautiful!

I set up my hammock for a long siesta. 

Time passed.

At quarter past 3 p.m., I was back on the road. The beauty continued:

Around 5 p.m., it started to rain! It has rained every day so far in Arizona. It is usually just a quick passing storm. I was just a few short miles from Benson. I didn’t bother to set up a tarp or find shelter. I decided to keep moving. 
It was a mistake! The storm followed me. I got soaked, and so did all of my things! It got pretty severe fast. I was cold. I headed down the side of the road, quickly grabbed a few essentials from the buggy, and hid in my tarp beneath a shrub.

It rained hard! It might have even hailed. Lightening struck down, and thunder shook the mountains. 
…and then my phone died, and the battery wasn’t even low. I sat with my arms around my legs beneath the tarp. I tried to get my core temperature up. 
Time passed. The severity of the storm did too. But the rain still drizzled. I knew I had to keep moving. I couldnt camp along the interstate, and all of my things were soaked. 
Long story short, I pushed it and made it to Benson just at sundown. I couldnt take any pictures because my phone was dead, but I saw so many beautiful things! 
Yellow skies, rich red earth, and canyons just like the movies. Tombstone was a marathon away. Purple lightening spider webbed the sky. 
I transferred the buggy and its contents over a cattle guard to a frontage road. I didn’t have it in me to get downtown. I set up camp beneath a lone tree off road. 
 It was still raining. I set up the tarp and got to work. I did my best to send billows of air across the hammocks fabric. I was trying to air dry it. I hung clothes and the sleeping bag out to dry. I fell asleep a little cold.
But I woke up in the middle of the night, and the sleeping bag was mostly dry. I crawled inside. I slept ok for the most part!

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