Day 32

Day 32
Easter Sunday

I awoke early and got ready for Mass. I had been staying at the rectory house at Our Lady of Victory, a vibrant community, in Crestview, FL. It stormed all weekend, and Monsignor Michael Tugwell opened up a guest bedroom for me to stay in. It was really nice!
I really enjoyed Mass at Our Lady of Victory throughout the weekend. The Sacred Triduum. On Easter Sunday, a lot of people approached me wishing me luck and offering prayers. Some gave me donations for the road ahead. Wow, again, so overwhelming!


Monsignor Tugwell

I attended an Easter dinner party at Uylesses and Carla’s house with Monsignor Tugwell. Alot of people from the parish were there. It was at a home just outside of town. We ate really well and I hung out playing cards with Eli, Ezra, Jermaine, and Veronica that afternoon.


I spent the weekend resting. I did laundry and caught up with friends and family. On Easter I skyped with my family back home, it was great!

I fell asleep early anticipating a fun day with friends back on the road.

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  1. Mary Okeefe says:

    God Bless and Safe travels

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