Day 21

Day 21
I arose early and washed up. I headed into the chapel for Mass, I was the only one in attendance besides Fr. Joseph.


Fr. Joseph

After Mass Fr. Joseph and I chatted as we listened to birds out on the front steps. He is from Uganda, and has a ministry named Healing of Families that takes him all around the world. When it’s time for rest, he will visit Holy Cross down in Florida. 
Three people usually attend morning Mass when Fr. Joseph visits. One recently passed, one is currently sick, and the other is taking care of the sick person. On Sunday’s the church usually fills up with people. There is only one family that has children. 
I talked with Fr. Joseph regarding his ministry and he gave me some literature to read. He was also very interested in the pilgrimage across America. 
I broke camp and jumped on the 90. I headed into Chattahoochee. I went to the public library to charge my phone and use wifi. A resident there asked to use my charger so I let him. I was hoping to leave town around 12, but I needed a decent charge before the road to Marianna.

Uptown, I made the mile trek across the Georgia border. Georgia isn’t on my itinerary, this visit was just for fun!

Marianna was a marathon away, and it was now 1pm. There were a few towns in between. Doing math, I decided to risk it. I started running. 

Long story short, it was tough getting to Marianna. I crossed into Central Time and gained my hour back after daylight savings! At least it felt that way. 


John Bamburg

While passing through Sneads I met Johnny Bamburg. He found God 6 years ago while standing in the very spot we stood. We hung out there on the corner and spoke for a few minutes. He said a quick prayer for me and wished me luck. 


Poole and Sheila

Outside Grand Rapids I decided to take a roadside break. I felt fatigued and tired. I met Pool and Sheila on their way to Chattahoochee from Defuniak Springs. They told me Marianna was about 14 miles up the road. 
They intended to start their cycling journey in Texas, but storms out that way diverted their start to Pensacola. They plan to cycle all the way to the Florida Keys and then up to Canada! We talked a bit about my journey, it was nice to encourage one another. We parted ways. 
Meeting other adventures is really inspiring. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t make it to Marianna that day, but meeting Poole and Sheila gave me the kick I needed to get to town.
It was a rough stretch. I tweaked my knee at one point. I wasn’t sure how much damage was done. It wasn’t quite pain, but more discomfort. I walked a few miles, and then decided running to town was worth the risk.
I drank a lot of Tampico, I think I was battling a calorie deficit. I had been grazing on food all day, and realized I hadn’t eaten a substantive meal, something with “sustenance”.
I started analyzing all the things I did wrong, and all the things that could go wrong. Ontop of it all, storms were in the forecast. I kept doing the math.

Long story short, I made it to Marianna, but it wasn’t easy. With a half hour before sundown, I was 3 miles outside town. I could have run it, however, the road lost all shoulder. I decided to walk on the green in front of the businesses that now littered the 90. 
It was actually enjoyable. I was safe off the road, and could slow my pace. I took my time getting to town, and shortly after sundown, hit side walk. I stopped at a Hardee’s for some calories, not always the best choice, but it was quick and easy. Their chocolate shakes are awesome!

I made my way through Marianna towards St. Anne’s. From the edge of town and through downtown, I was the only pedestrian. Lots of small side streets with families. Passing through the Historic District was really nice. Lots of Antebellum houses.
I arrived at Saint Anne’s and set up under a patio. I talked with some parishioners and found it difficult to get in touch with the priest. I decided to risk camping without permission. It had been a long day. Putting in miles in during the latter part of the day is usually not fun. I planned on a day of rest.

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